In a Nutshell, What I have to think about things.

On June 6, 2012 Google made a doodle for the opening of the very first ever drive-in theater.  Some people would seem to think that Google should have really made the doodle about D-Day,  the invasion of Normandy, France.

Here are a few posts from fellow bloggers on the “fight” and my opinion.

“The average American high school student wouldn’t know D-Day from Green Day. This would have been a good opportunity to educate them about American and world history. Google would rather keep the kids ignorant of their country’s past.”       My opinion to this is that the average, American High School student does know what that is.  I, in fact, don’t know what Green Day is.  Apperently (after using Google) it is a band!  But saying that Google would rather keep kids ignorant of their counties past is totally terrible.. Does this person not know that Google serves countries other that the U.S.  I think this person should become a teacher, so they can boss around children into learning things they want.  In case they didn’t know it, America has some pretty awesome teachers out there.  (Mr.Lakmann, Mr.Morris, Mrs.Runchy, Mr.Sullivan, Mrs.Ahern, Mrs.Smerud)

“Google consists of metro sexual kids that spend all day surfing the net. Wouldn’t count on them to defend a nation.”         Okay, so basically this person thinks that bunching all Google employees into a corner and talking crap about them is okay. Stereotypical much?  And Google is supposed to be light, not just always talking about “defending a nation”.  Ludicrous 

“what a shocker… Google believes the opening of the first drive-in movie theater is more significant than 75th anniversary of the Allied landing on the Normandy beaches. Google also declined to acknowledge Memorial Day because they didn’t want to offend anyone.  Disgraceful, but not surprising.”        It is true that Google did not want to offend anyone, and it is there choice that they did that.  It is true that offending people is bad.  So why would a Worldwide company want to acknowledge one country’s glory days and, another’s day from Hell?

“Pretty sure most kids know D-day. There were only like 25+ games out there based on it. Hell Call of Duty 1 and 2 had the D-day beach landings. Band of brothers? Heard of the History Channel? Google already educates the masses what more do you want from them? You want Google to take care of your 6 kids?”        I love this person, because they speak the truth.  I mean come on is Google seriously supposed to be a history teacher too!?  You can type in any question in the world and it has an answer.  I also love how this person asks if they should take care of your six children. That is just hilarious.  This person obviously understands that people have their own choice and if you do not like it then tough.. They also understand that Google cannot and should not be held accountable if a child in the U.S doesn’t know what D-Day is.  

I am not saying that children shouldn’t know what D-Day is.  But, Google is its own company and has the right to do whatever the Hell it wants and, for its own reasons.  So getting all freaked out about this and stereotyping Google employees because you are mad, is not okay.  Chill out.



Change, Hope, Faith, Chance.

Honest, True, Pure.

Intense, Custom.

Possible, Believable, Favorable.

Anything, Everything.




Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Charge, Energy, Ecstatic.

Thankfulness, Time, Gratitude.

Outspoken, Tired, Language.

Stories, Thoughts.

Questionable, Fixable.

Riveting, Wandering, Fantasy.




Dreams, Action.

Certain, Stone, Set.

Forever, Never, Now, Then.

Peace, Compulsion, Addiction.





Bright, Clear, Light.

Thriving, Must, Surviving.

Lust, Wanted, Cherished.

There, Here, Where.

Immediate, Instant, Insightful.

Pain, Tears, Sadness.




Wonderful, Happiness, Warming.

Yours, Ours.

Delighting, Unforgettable, Fair.

Filling, Closing, Carefree.

Life, and Love.

I think that Music, some and almost most of the time, means Pain.

Like when you are preparing a piece for solo and ensamble and you stay up all night, skip meals, ignor friends, and quit activities just to get it 100% right.. When we all know, that all you can do, is give it your 100%

And I feel like that is what I did, this week.  I know I know, It is only Tuesday, but I have been working on this project since, I don’t know Sunday, Saturday?.?..

Either way, I kept myself up the last couple nights trying to figure out what outcome is going to be.

I have been ignoring my friends a little bit,

I have been critisising my work till midnight each and every night.

And this is truly what music does to musicians.  And we LOVE it!  It is why we are musicians.  Is it not?  For the pain, the joy, the pride, the feeling that you know you did something that you tried so hard to make it the best you can do..

So now, like any other Musician, I wait, I wait for the news of my future.. Wish me luck:)

So many each and everyday are touched by music..  Whether it is instrumental, vocal, live musicals, dancing, group instrumentals, or even playing around on a guitar, we are all touched by music.  That is not really a deciding matter any who.

Music, is like no other, it reaches into the most intimate part of someone, their soul..  Music brings out something in a person, that cannot be placed in words.. hence, music… Music is not always vocal, most of the time if you were to ask me,

Music is the inners of someone’s soul that is not music, but a way of  feeling, life, and self.


Life, Feeling, and Self.


When I play or hear music, it folds into me, into the deepest trenches of me, like a water filling, stretching, and folding,  into a glass.

I cannot explain what I feel, when music touches me… It is it’s own language.  It’s a way of living, of being and knowing yourself, and of feeling things that you cannot feel otherwise.

And Yes, that feeling is different with each and every other person that you meet.  And in the case that two people find that the way the water fillins and streches onto them, is that love?  I guess that is for you to decide.

That is the idea of music, is it not.?.  You decide how it moves you, lives through you, folds you to who you are today.

The Language of Life, is Music.

Not being able to come of words, falling back on being able to express yourself .  That is the real Language of Life.  The unspoken.  The Music



Things That Matter

There are some things in life that actually really matter..  And please understand, I am not trying to be cheesy.

Unlike things like Facebook, and Twitter, Im not saying that they are not fun and great things.   But, lets all agree that there are some things that make a change in the world.  And Facebook is probably not one of those things.

But making a difference.  Lets all take at least five minutes a day to make a difference.  Maybe we can go green!  Lets buy that reusable bag that costs 79 cents!  Turn off the light, shut down your T.V.  Get off my blog and shut your computer down!  Tell some you like their outfit, whether you do or don’t.   Picking up someone’s pecil when they have dropped it.  Recycle!


It really is not that hard! Everyone can do it.   Please Please Please try!


Love, From Siiri

I think that traveling is one of the most unnatural things for anyone to be doing.  When you are: crowded with family, packing (or forgetting to pack something)  hungry, need to use a restroom, or just missing what your traveling away from, traveling is just nothing you can really care for.  I have to travel away from Duluth today.   I know that I am going to miss the lake, the people, and the memories, a lot.  But, on the contrary, I can finally go home after a few weeks away from home.  I miss my dogs, step-siblings, and mother so much.  Which brings me to the subject of just wanting to leave home.  I know that everyone wants to leave home at one time in there life.  And in that case traveling is good for the person that is leaving (that does not mean that a person can just go running away from home all the time), but for the family of the person is leaving, the consequences can be brutal.  Not physically brutal, but a sad, self-hating brutal.

But, either way, traveling is something everyone needs to respect, and embrace.

If you do not agree with me, fine, I don’t find myself very biased.

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Hey everyone.  Thank you all for reading.  Stay tuned to see what I have to think also, feel free to leave comments and opinions as you would like.