In a Nutshell, What I have to think about things.

Things That Matter

There are some things in life that actually really matter..  And please understand, I am not trying to be cheesy.

Unlike things like Facebook, and Twitter, Im not saying that they are not fun and great things.   But, lets all agree that there are some things that make a change in the world.  And Facebook is probably not one of those things.

But making a difference.  Lets all take at least five minutes a day to make a difference.  Maybe we can go green!  Lets buy that reusable bag that costs 79 cents!  Turn off the light, shut down your T.V.  Get off my blog and shut your computer down!  Tell some you like their outfit, whether you do or don’t.   Picking up someone’s pecil when they have dropped it.  Recycle!


It really is not that hard! Everyone can do it.   Please Please Please try!


Love, From Siiri


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