In a Nutshell, What I have to think about things.

So many each and everyday are touched by music..  Whether it is instrumental, vocal, live musicals, dancing, group instrumentals, or even playing around on a guitar, we are all touched by music.  That is not really a deciding matter any who.

Music, is like no other, it reaches into the most intimate part of someone, their soul..  Music brings out something in a person, that cannot be placed in words.. hence, music… Music is not always vocal, most of the time if you were to ask me,

Music is the inners of someone’s soul that is not music, but a way of  feeling, life, and self.


Life, Feeling, and Self.


When I play or hear music, it folds into me, into the deepest trenches of me, like a water filling, stretching, and folding,  into a glass.

I cannot explain what I feel, when music touches me… It is it’s own language.  It’s a way of living, of being and knowing yourself, and of feeling things that you cannot feel otherwise.

And Yes, that feeling is different with each and every other person that you meet.  And in the case that two people find that the way the water fillins and streches onto them, is that love?  I guess that is for you to decide.

That is the idea of music, is it not.?.  You decide how it moves you, lives through you, folds you to who you are today.

The Language of Life, is Music.

Not being able to come of words, falling back on being able to express yourself .  That is the real Language of Life.  The unspoken.  The Music




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