In a Nutshell, What I have to think about things.

I think that Music, some and almost most of the time, means Pain.

Like when you are preparing a piece for solo and ensamble and you stay up all night, skip meals, ignor friends, and quit activities just to get it 100% right.. When we all know, that all you can do, is give it your 100%

And I feel like that is what I did, this week.  I know I know, It is only Tuesday, but I have been working on this project since, I don’t know Sunday, Saturday?.?..

Either way, I kept myself up the last couple nights trying to figure out what outcome is going to be.

I have been ignoring my friends a little bit,

I have been critisising my work till midnight each and every night.

And this is truly what music does to musicians.  And we LOVE it!  It is why we are musicians.  Is it not?  For the pain, the joy, the pride, the feeling that you know you did something that you tried so hard to make it the best you can do..

So now, like any other Musician, I wait, I wait for the news of my future.. Wish me luck:)


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