In a Nutshell, What I have to think about things.


Change, Hope, Faith, Chance.

Honest, True, Pure.

Intense, Custom.

Possible, Believable, Favorable.

Anything, Everything.




Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Charge, Energy, Ecstatic.

Thankfulness, Time, Gratitude.

Outspoken, Tired, Language.

Stories, Thoughts.

Questionable, Fixable.

Riveting, Wandering, Fantasy.




Dreams, Action.

Certain, Stone, Set.

Forever, Never, Now, Then.

Peace, Compulsion, Addiction.





Bright, Clear, Light.

Thriving, Must, Surviving.

Lust, Wanted, Cherished.

There, Here, Where.

Immediate, Instant, Insightful.

Pain, Tears, Sadness.




Wonderful, Happiness, Warming.

Yours, Ours.

Delighting, Unforgettable, Fair.

Filling, Closing, Carefree.

Life, and Love.


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  1. this…. is amazing. period.

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